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He is a CROOK preying on women he can RIP-OFF and has picked the wrong FATHER GEO and Daughter to RIP OFF. | Here is my Daughter’s story of Ice Cold Air experience in St. Pete FL (1406 4th. St. N. St. Pete N., which is owned by Chris Anderson– Ice Cold Air MV 101662. | My Daughter’s notations: I Was totally ripped off…. | I had my van towed here because it stalled on me. I was told the knock sensor was bad and needed to be replaced for over $250, had them replace it, went to go pick the vehicle up and not 20 mins down the road it stalled on me again. Had to have it towed back and then was told it was the radiator, had them replace it, for another $450.. was promised it was totally fixed by the owner. Brought it home and checked the coolant reservoir and it was bone dry! Refilled it more than 4 times and it kept leaking all out. Took it to another ICA location and was then told I just needed a coolant reservoir and radiator cap but couldn’t afford an additional $350 for the fix.. also was told that the previous ICA just JB Welded the reservoir!! So they knew it was leaking and didn’t bother actually fixing the problem! They never put the bolts in correctly under the hood. Now I’m out over $700 and still have a vehicle that’s not working.. I’m so beyond angry and I will never bring my vehicle to another Ice Cold Air again! Just ridiculous!! Would give 0 stars if I could… | Chris I will make sure this is posted on every review sites available with lots of pictures of shotty job you did and all ICE COLD AIR locations, so that you don’t keep ripping people off. Nope…I will see you all soon!!!! | Also where are the missing bolts, nuts and screws that you removed and never replaced??????? | 1’s reply to Chris Andersons response below. The truth to your response is unfactual and lies, you Chris Anderson only called once. I have a record of that. | Ken Laham at corporate has only called once. I have a record of that. I have corresponded with Ken Laham at Corporate since you have been difficult to work with. I will be speaking with Ken Laham at corporate ICA | “Speak the truth and be honest” | Father Geo

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