Ickythecat Review

having started on Ebay back in 2005 by stealing and reselling other sellers patterns,this obnoxious person is still trading. Having opened her own website and still using Etsy, Craftsy, and maybe other smaller sites. She is now offering almost free pattern packs on Etsy. These are almost certainly patterns bought from other sites and pattern sellers in order to put them out of business.Unfortunately digital PDf files make it cheap and easy for her to do this.Read her rude replies to feedback on Etsy and you will see how crazy she is !! It is hard to believe she makes any money out of what she does and she must sit at her PC all day to find and steal other sellers work.Impossible to stop her as she denies she is copying anyone , in fact if you confront her she will tell you she bought from you to check to see if you had stolen her patterns!! Or you will be told to stop harassing her and concentrate on improving your own failed business and that you are jealous of her success!! A real crazy woman !! Hopefully one day she will make the ultimate theft and get her just reward.Thankfully most sellers respect each other and don’t copy and resell other peoples work !!

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