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Gerald Barja aka Gerry Barja is part of a Flippa scam ring made up of at least 3 indivuals. And his other main accomplice is Connor Paddon, also in the Greater Toronto area. | Gerald and Connor have de-frauded at least 3 victims out of a combined total of $50,000 USD by selling SEO companies which were worthless. | The sales all occurred in late 2013-2014 and we have been unsuccessful in recovering our money. | Partly due to financial constraints, as bringing a lawsuit from abroad is extremely expensive. | (1) flippa.com/2964466-torontoranking-com (TorontoRanking.com) $30,000+ | (2) flippa.com/3007603-philiboost-com (PhiliBoost.com) $4,100 | (3)flippa.com/3047558-losangelesrank-com (losangelesrank.com) $11,501 | At the time of listing, these 3 sites appeared to be making an income and were in fact ranking for various keywords for their cities. | I.e. according to the listing Torontoranking.com ranked in the top spot for “toronto seo prices”, number 2 for “toronto seo” and ranked in the top 5 for many others. This was in fact true and accounted for the traffic and customers that were driven to the site. | However, after handing over payment, rankings dropped dramatically – much faster than normal and all 3 victims were left with useless websites, which didn’t rank anywhere near the top for any keywords and had almost zero traffic. How did it happen? | Well, according to the Connor they always maintained in each case – “it’s a Google update and we can’t control that”. End of story right? Not necessarily.. | Had that been the case, how would they have then ranked at least 3 other SEO companies, competing in the same cities as our sites and then sold these straight after? | According to this listing (on May 2015):flippa.com/4454003-vancouverjump-com | The seller “cpaddoncpaddon” (Connor Paddon) confirms that he owns these 3 companies – searchboost.ca, laranking.com(later rebranded to riserev.com) and seophili.com – which all effectively acted as competitors of the SEO companies he sold the 3 victims. | Note: Linking Gerry to these frauds is in the images I’ve attached to this listing. | Gerry is also mentioned in Connors listings, where he says” we worked together on several different businesses over the years until Gerry moved out west to Vancouver”: flippa.com/4454003-vancouverjump-com | Gerry also answers any enquiries for SEO on riserev.com (screenshot attached) | Gerry is on the whois enquiry for TorontoBoost (after they sold TorontoRanking to the first victim) :whois.com/whois/torontoboost.com | Gerald Barja was located in Mississauga, Ontario but current location in unknown. | plus.google.com/108470121950584163887 | He operates under the username Seot1services. | Email: [email& 160;protected] | He also currently owns and operates a bitcoin app called “ICOlert”

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