ICSLoans, Inc.

ICSLoans, Inc. Review

I joined as an agent and paid $295 and the monthly fee of $99. Then 2 months passed after I took their training and certification, But still, they didn’t get me started and left on the bench to idle. And then they sent me an email and stated that I was not qualified to join them as a broker with the following excuses that I didn’t have the 1-year experience despite ICS Loans already knew my background during the initial interview. | Minimum 2 years commercial or residential real estate agent, lending, or other financial experience, residential mortgage ok. | 4 Year college degree preferred. | Minimum 2-year associates required (no exceptions). | Outside Sales Position | Comfortable in commission only environment (weekly draws) | Exclusive, full-time contract commitment to ICS. | Minimum 1 year sales experience. | Financially stable (minimum 3 months savings). | ICS CERTIFIED- Must complete ICS Commercial Loan Advisor Training & Certification Online prior to joining team. | So, ICS Loans kept my $495 and never returned. I even called the CEO Ryan Mosley to inquire and he cursed at me in all f words and hung up the phone. This kind of scam and fraudulent recruitment campaign must be stopped.

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