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Ignite Web Services Review

I became a member of their services in June 2014. I received coaching through Advantage which consisted primarily with Ebay. My web site was released in March 2015, but I am extremely dissatisfied with the results. All marketing was supposed to have been done by them according to the Platinum contract. Monthly reports were supposed to be emailed to me which I never received! I pleaded to find out what marketing was being done but no one had an answer. I asked to be contacted by Marketing….never happened! After several complaints, I was sent reports consisting of nothing more than three months of Social Media Marketing, Now I am being told I have to do all marketing now, and was promised someone to assist me, but this never happened either. The web site has errors that even I can recognize from looking at source pages. The site went live in March 2015 which as resulted in one product order as of October 20, 2015. I am an extremely dissatisfied member, and finally asked for some compensation, but I was denied. I was never even asked the amount I was requesting. This is not near what was explained to me in the beginning by the person who gave details about this program. This information is what I based my decision on of moving forward with this! This person is conveniently no longer with the company, but there is a recording of our conversation which no one is interested enough to listen to this. I paid $9000 for what has basically amounted to some Ebay coaching and a web site that is not working properly or producing any revenue. I am due to be compensated without a doubt! My next complaint will be filed with the the Office of the Attorney General.

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