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I have been a member of IMDB, the Internet Movie Database, for some twenty years now, and as of the last two years (2017 and later) they have failed to post my goof submissions, basically ripping me off of my time and reasearch. They come back with “unable to verify” when I have verfied every single one of them. | It is important that my goofs get posted, because it helps the actors, directors and producers to see their mistakes and future ones of those professions to avoid them. I consider it very important, and IMDB is robbing me of that. | They are inconsistent at best as to what they post to the database, and what they will not, which is wrong. Why would I waste their time and mine? Therefore, I have to post my ripoffs to here so that they will be seen by the right people if IMDB will not do it. If only they would have just done their job, then… | More verified goofs for movies that IMDB failed in their job to post. IMDB database people are either lazy or getting fired. Here is the next batch that ImDB failed to post: | Movie: Sleeping with the Enemy | Type: Factual Mistake | After Laura fakes here drowning and moves to a new small town, there is no way she could rent the house on a verbal agreement; the landlord would have asked for references, first, last and damage deposit, of which Laura had none. | Movie: Hunt for Red October | Type: Plot Holes | After the Red October makes its run through the bottom end of Red Route 1, and Ryan had contacted Ramius and set up the rendezvous south some 22 hours later, “someplace deep” Ryan said, there is no way that Capt. Tupalov could have known where the Red October was, given that the search area is over two million square miles and the Red October, along with the Dallas were stopped and thus not giving off any way for the Konolav to be alerted to their presence some 2,000 miles away. | Movie: Dirty Harry | Type: Plot Holes | When the judge and the District Attorney are discussing Scorpio’s case, the judge said the search was illegal and “his rights were violated,” both of which are false. Harry had probable cause that Scorpio committed the murders, so he did not need a search warrant to seize any evidence he needed. | Movie: The Deer Hunter | Type: Continuity | When Axel is running down the lane in the bowling alley, he dives forward and there are two bowling pins in the way. In the next shot the two pins are gone. | Movie: Sleeping with the Enemy | Type: Plot Holes | Laura enters a new town with very little money and no job. There is no way should be able to rent the house she looked at just by saying yes; the landlord would have asked for references, first, last and damage deposit. There is no way she would have gotten the house without a job or a steady income. | Movie: Clear and Present Danger | Type: Plot Holes | When Jack “broke in” to Ritter’s computer to view the document files detailing the “illegal war,” it shows in the corner of Ritter’s computer, “User 422 logged on”. Then Petey warns Jack to wait until Ritter logs off so that this message will disappear and Ritter won’t know that Jack is reconnoitering his files. Jack then replies, “Jesus, Petey, it’s too late!” and then proceeds to waste time by reading the contents of the files instead of copying them to his computer or better yet, immediately shutting off his computer, since by then Ritter still had not seen the log on message. Later, Jack could have logged back in to Ritter’s computer after he left, was the original intent. | Movie: Dirty Harry | Type: Plot Holes/Factual Mistake | Time index 114:05. When the judge and the District Attorney are discussing the Killer’s case, the judge said the search of his living space was illegal and “his rights were violated,” both of which are not true. Not having established legal residence and also Harry having “probable cause” that a crime had been committed, he did not need a warrant, and having the actual weapon that killed the girl, the priest and the swimmer, the District Attorney had all the evidence that he needed; not one bit of it was illegally obtained. | Presumably, the fiasco was done comically to make Harry look like the bad guy and reinforce the trend at the time the movie was made of guilty persons going free based on “Fourth Amendment” rights, which, in reality, are waived whenever there is probable cause of a crime being committed, or has been committed. | Movie: The Breakfast Club | Type: Factual Mistake/Miscellaneous | Vernon locks Bender in the janitor’s closet, which is false imprisonment, and even Vernon would have known better, being a felony, risking his job and even time in prison. | Movie: Apollo 13 | Type: Miscellaneous | When the Apollo 13 is powering up its engines, Marilyn and Margaret are looking high up as if the rocket had already taken off, but it was just then leaving the launch pad. | Movie: The Deer Hunter | Type: Plot Hole/Miscellaneous | As an Army veteran, Michael should have already known to go to the Veteran’s Administration building, or the the VA hospital, closest to him to find his friend, Nick, and would not have had to ask Angela eleven times where Nick was. | Movie: Unforgiven | Type: Miscellaneous | Will says of his attacker, Wild Bill, “Yeah, some big fella kicked the hell out of me,” yet it is evident when it happens that Will is over four inches taller and six inches wider than Bill.

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