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I bought a pair of shoes from this store, which I subsequently returned (in their 14-day return window). The employee who handled the return wrote “returned” on my original receipt and told me to bring it in when I wanted to purchase a new pair of shoes. (Please see photo.) | When I came in with the receipt and was about to purchase shoes, one of the employees told me I didn’t have a proper credit note. She said that the previous employee should have issued me an official credit note and should have initialed my receipt where she had written “returned.” I emphasized that this was all I had received when I returned the previous pair. | The employee said she didn’t have the authority to help me. I asked if I could get in touch with someone who could help me, and she half-heartedly tried to call her boss. After failing to get in touch with the owner, the employee said I should leave my name and number and that her boss would definitely get back to me the next day. | Of course, no one got back to me. A few days later, I called the store to ask for the owner. I was told she was not there, but was given her email address and was told she would follow up quickly. I had to send a second email before I received a response from Amee, the store owner. It was clear to me from her reply that she had barely read my email, and was just sending me a blanket message designed to cover all possible returns: | “I’m sorry but I’m unable to accept your receipt as a store credit because it is just a receipt and not a credit note. My staff was correct in what they explained to you in person and on the phone. They are simply reinforcing Imelda’s policy, which is: you need a proper credit note and not just a receipt to purchase items at Imelda. Please understand we don’t pick and choose who this policy applies to as that would be unfair to our customers. | If you happen to find the credit note then please come in with it, as it never expires. | Sincerely, | Amee” | The fact of the matter is that I did not get a credit note, and no staff ever said that my receipt would not be honored. I wrote back to this effect but have yet to hear back. At best, Imelda is an incredibly unhelpful and incompentent store. At worst, it is a predatory business in the habit of doling out fake credit notes so that they do not have to honor them at a later date. I have since looked at other reviews online and have learned that many other customers have had terrible experiences with returns. I would strongly recommend against buying anything from this store, whether you plan to return it or not.

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