Income Solutions, LLC.

Income Solutions, LLC. Review

i I v. e. is a misleading scam. i got invilved aith the company back in 2016. | my experience with the company has been terrible. they start off with a basic start up fee, then ask for 10000 | after giving you an ultramatlum “join now or not”. | i am a disabled citicien , senior citicy and i fall victiumium to this phony line that th about me. i spent 10000 othey refered. they refered. got a coulpe of coaching sessions which i did not learn anything and website that no longer exits, because they own it you pay for it. | the income solutions told me i their company is not trustworthy and when i tried to resolve this matter they iwould make money and i did not make any or even a dime. thisi am stuck now with company is not trustworthy and when i tried to resolved this matter they ignored me. | i am stuck now with debt on my credit card that i can’t pay for and my because i’sm on a fixed income. this experenice | has been pure hell and my mental health status has been severty affected because if this company. | i am writing this complaint because i do not want no one else to g share my complaint across social media ando through what i went through. | this company should be shut down because they prey on seniors citicens that do not know the internet. | PLEASE any other website ecause the world needs to know how big of a scam insome solutios is.

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