Infiniti of Omaha

Infiniti of Omaha Review

I bought & paid cash for a new FX-35 in 2011 when Sam Reagan still owned Infiniti, they treated me with respect and delivered what they promised. After it was bought out by The Performance Group, I leased a 2013 QX56 and was sold a bill of goods, I went in on an offer of 560.00 per month for a 36 month lease, but by the time the leasing guy got done selling me a bunch of extras, promising VIP treatment, I ended up with a $1,300 a month payment, which I would have been OK with had they delivered what they promised. I bought a door ding policy along with a whole bunch of other so called buyers insurance. They said they would fix any door dings I got. Well, I got a little one and some paint chipped off where the ding was at, so I took it in and was told they couldn’t repair it because paint falling off wasn’t covered! They’d fix the ding but not the paint, what was the policy I paid for if not to repair it like I was led to believe. No one said anything about “except if paint chips off” Another fine print scam just to get the extra money out of me. I was going to lease a new Infiniti when my lease was up, but now I wouldn’t do business there if my life depend on it. This place is a scam, they promise the moon and deliver nothing. They just want your extra cash and then make excuses when it comes time to use the services you’ve paid for. BUYER BEWARE!!!! They will charge you & not deliver………………….Read the fine print before you sign anything, they’re money grubbers just like the lame car salesmen types you see on TV . I was scammed out of paying extra for nothing……DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THE PERFORMANCE FRANCHISE, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF TOO!

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