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I have submitted 4 rebates to Inmar in the past year. For 2 of them I have been told that I didn’t submit the proper/needed information. The first one was for a mini-refrigerator and because the amount was relatively large (& 036;20) I photocopied my submission. When I called I was told that I hadn’t put the serial number on the form. I said, "Yes, I did. I have a copy of the form I sent." The representative said, "Maybe you put it on your copy but not the original." I said, "It’s a photocopy." Busted! They sent me my money. The second one was for a beer 12-pack. Once again I had a copy of my submission. Plus when I received a rejection I went to the store and took a cell phone photo of the box with the name of the beer and the UPC code. I called and pointed out that I had proof, and they said they would send my rebate. So my advice would be make a photocopy of the form, UPC code, and cash register receipt. And follow-up on any rejection. I don’t know why they reject perfectly good claims but it seems to be part of their business model.

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  1. Estefana Muggley
    June 16, 2020
  2. Anneliese Silvestri
    June 16, 2020

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