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I had been inquiring on the internet about a personal loan. I recieved a phone call as I had recieved many telling me that I had been approved. What was told to me was that I had to pay one installment up front before they would transfer the remaining amount of the supossed loan. I agreed and sent them $200.00 only to be told that once they had my money that I needed to send 325.00 more. I then questioned the validaty and asked for my money back. They stated that my money along with the loan money had been stopped due to taxes. I owe no taxes and when I started to question everything I was given the run around. I investigated myself and discovered they were operating under a company name that no longer exist. Each person I spoke with was of arabic or foreign decent. They just kept telling me that my money was added to the loan amount and unless I paid 325.00 they could not transfer the funds. I feel like a fool because I have never did anything like this before and it all seemed legitamate until I was sitting at the bank and nothing ever was deposited into my account. That money was all I had to my name and I was trying to get a loan because I resigned from job to take care of my father who was diagnosed with cancer and has since passed away. I needed it to get caught back up on my bills and I am a single mom and now I have nothing. THese people need to be stopped. I looked everything up and it is showing the number belongs to Global Crossing and its showing that they operate from a building in the vacinity of Smith and Lamar Street in Houston, Texas.

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