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Hi Everyone, | I just want to warn people who are looking for any kind of insurance quotes online. If you see this website ( online with a landing page offering free quotes please don’t fill it. | 1 Week ago I visited one of their landing page which was offering free health insurance quotes. And it was my bad luck that I filled out that form and from that day my nightmare started. I am getting 20-30 calls every day from different number about insurance. And as I work in night shift when I come back home in morning these scam cold call stuff start. | Just this one form makes my life hell. I cannot switch off my phone because of my job demand. But this stupid lead generation company has no understanding that their cheap quality work can make someone life hell. | Anyone who is facing the same issue please post a review about the website who scam with you in the name of insurance quotes. Biggest scam company on Earth | Specially to InsuranceQuotes Team —-> Go Eat My Sh*t and F*ck Yourself ——

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