Integretel - INFOSERVICE900

Integretel - INFOSERVICE900 Review

Report Filed: Integretel – INFOSERVICE900 The same Internet ripoff as many others have reported San Jose California!!

To All Concerned: I want to make several important points on the Intergetel Scam. FYI. – The address for this company is: 5883 Rue Ferrari, San Jose. Integretel would only give me a PO Box, not a street address! – They refused to give any last names of people you talk to. – They only refer to a web address for info on who to contact. – They will not give out any names or address for “Information Service”” (Hence: INFOSERVICE900) That is who they claim they represent. – INFOSERVICE900 names or address is not given. Against their company policy. – I too have the exact 900 number many of you complain about. – Same 50% off the bill… Then a one time offer

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