InterNACHI Review

I briefly thought about becoming a home inspector, so I signed up with InterNACHI to get more information. At the time, memberships were advertised as free for six months. I quickly realized I wouldn’t have the time to pursue this venture while continuing to work full-time, so I never completed my registration with InterNACHI, which is required to become a member. | Once a month, I’d receive the following email — | “Our records indicate that you have not yet signed your InterNACHI membership affidavit. You must sign your affidavit to become a member of InterNACHI and receive all your membership benefits, including listing on our “find an inspector” search engines, such as: | .com, |, |, |, | and hundreds more. | Please go to… to sign your affidavit now. If you haven’t completed all your membership requirements, you will have to do so before you can sign the affidavit.” | — | The notification plainly states that you need to sign this affidavit to become a member of InterNACHI. Since I did not wish to move forward with membership, I never signed the affidavit. I never received any type of notification from InterNACHI saying I would be billed for anything, either, and their terms of service clearly indicate that only members will be charged for membership dues. | Months passed, and I noticed some charges on my credit card. To my surprise, they were from InterNACHI, two $50 charges for membership to the organization. This didn’t make any sense, as I had never signed the affidavit and never completed my registration to become a member. | I responded to the most recent copy of the above email with the following — | “Hello, | I did not sign this affidavit because I chose not to move forward with becoming a member. | I have been charged $50 from your organization for the last two months, even though the email below plainly states I am not a member. | I did not authorize these charges, and due to being unaware of them i have been charged two additonal $15 late fees from USAA. | Please do the following: | 1. Refund me the two $50 membership fees, as I am not a member as the below email plainly states. | 2. Cease any future charges to my card and remove my credit card information from your database. | 3. Send me a receipt showing these transactions have been refunded and that they were unauthorized. | 4. Remove me from your mailing list. | Please address this concern at your earliest convenience. I will need to dispute these charges if I do not hear back from you by COB Friday. | Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.”

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