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I joined International wood corporation back in 2015 and i was offered to be a sales executive. i was offered $ 3000 per month besides commission based on transaction closing and size. The company have never paid me a dime , all what i was hearing is just stories, promises and fake wires process. The CEO Oren Manelis constantly lies to me about the company capacity. Due to his behavior with me and not paying me i have been through 4 evictions including an eviction was under the corporate lease, i have lost my car, my belongings, he was paying me for some expenses and few weeks later he turns around dispute the charges to his credit card company, due to that behavior i got my account at Bank of America closed because of a lot of over draft charges, i was about to have a theft report against me from Kowalski grocery store in MN because of his disputed charges , i have proof of credit card authorization. Mr Manelis constantly lying about wires that he sent me…. providing fake wire screen shots and of course i trusted him and i go start to pay my bills and wires never arrived , and he started to come up with stories and lies.I have suffered a tremendous amount of distress and emotional break down to have to go into 4 evictions in 2 years, losing my car , losing my son and losing everything i have because of Mr Manelis fake wires and fraudulent activities. | Mr Manelis contently was sending me FRAUD WIRES SCREEN SHOT that he wired me some money from what he owes me and then wire never hit my account then he starts to lie and make all excuses how wires got hold , bank problem…etc…..I have evidence and proof of all the fraudulent wires and they were about 7 or 8. | Mr Manelis after he cause me 4 evictions gave me authorization to use his credit card to buy food and pay few bills, Mr Manleis continued to show me his bad intentions towards me and after the payment is made he goes around me and disputed the charges to his credit card company and resulted in I was loaded with a lot of obligation and one of them I was about to get a theft repost filed against me due to his fraudulent behavior and action. | Mr. Manelis is an extremely dangerous human with a criminal mentality , he lives on robbing and swindle people for money. He has an extensive records at Broward county beside criminal records. | Mr Manelis always have a story why he can’t pay, I believe that mr Manelis is intentionally defrauding me so he won’t pay and he is doing same right now with another investment firm to invest in the company to go public and he confessed that he is faking invoices for the investors so he can get more money to pay his debts and pay me.I’m aware also that Mr Manelis has robbed someone for $ 150,000 and i have evidence of that & I have a lot to say about him, i have all the evidences required to support my claim , documents, fraud wires , recorded calls , litigation against Mr Manelis , . eviction documents and more. | The company keep changes names with same board members i believe there is something suspicious going on.

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