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Interstate Moving & Relocation Group INC Review

I had a terrible experience with Interstate Moving and Relocation Group. They ‘brokered’ for me a deal where I was ultimately charged x6 more than their price estimate. I specifically told them to find me a company I can pay by credit card. No problem they told me. | The day of the move I was forced to pay for everything cash upfront at a total x6 more than I expected. And then when everything went wrong Interstate Moving and Relocation Group was absolutely nowhere to be found. I could not reach them by phone, text or email. They are supposed to work on my behalf with the moving company. | I did everything myself. I worked with the terrible moving company All State Movers they set me up with. I couldn’t get any answers from anybody. I did not get my stuff until over 3-weeks later. By which time I was in much hardship literally buying new clothes to stay presentable at my new job. And when my stuff finally did arrive there was broken and missing things. | When I contacted Interstate Moving and Relocation Group they were absolutely unhelpful not returning my correspondence, giving me wrong information and ultimately not helping me recover any of my lost or damaged property. | This is a very disreputable business. | I am more than happy to verify my purchase receipt and supply a ton of irrefutable evidence that everything I write is absolutely the truth intended to protect other consumers. Don’t believe the fake reviews.

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