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I have been a client of the company for several years buying different types of construction equipment for wholesale, recently I bought another piece of equipment on the May 4th 2017 featured auction, I bought a Caterpillar 908H wheel leader, the description indicated the following, and I quote “The engine started and ran. The drivetrain engaged in forward and reverse but travels in low speed only. The hydraulic system was operational. The brakes and lights are inoperable. The key switch must be held in on position for machine to stay running.” | I bought the machine with the obvious intent to have it fixed of the few problems it describes on the condition report, however it was far from the truth, it was a misleading and deceiving information provided, when I went to pick up the machine it had to be winched into the trailer, then at the destination I had item checked with certified mechanic and the initial findings, without further assessments was that “The machine starts and runs. | Does not go forward or reverse. No hydraulic bucket functions, but will steer left and right. ” | Basically, I had contacted so they can at least support me on the repairs so I can get the unit ready to sell it and get my money back, they refused, the also refused for Clients to inspect units prior to buying then, they have their own field agents that perform the reports and add the findings to the online auction so buyers can make purchases somewhat knowing the condition on the unit. | It was misrepresented, plain simple a lie to inflate the item value.

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