Izzy Yetnikoff

The Worst Lawyer Ever!

Managing Lawyer Izzy Yetnikoff was an outrageous exercise in futility, exertion and cash for me. Legal counsel Izzy Yetnikoff has brought his corrupt, slanted, flopped New York shyster law practice to Arizona to go after people who know nothing about his long previous history of bumbling legitimate practice in New York city.

His office is disordered, unorganized and his law background from Canada and New York are super sketchy. I’m speculating he had numerous issues back East and afterward moved to Arizona to flee from those set of experiences. When it comes to my case, he always needs to be spoon fed to remember things a few times and he is still shameless enough to fail to remember them. He always seemed diverted and his mind was frequently pondering to different things when I addressed him or discussing something sensitive and important. He turns out to be exceptionally guarded if any of this is raised and his general mentality is to a greater degree a pushy irritating “New Yorker” than that of somebody from Arizona. He delayed and stretched my case for quite a long time and his proposed settlement for my mishap was a JOKE. Ugh, what a waste of time.

Isidor’s office had extremely abnormal hours and he generally appeared to be shut, avoided on phone message or with regard to the workplace on irregular non-weekend days when I called. Staff turnover there was HIGH in the 2 years I needed to manage them. After not having the option to get it together of him for quite a while, I once displayed for a planned gathering, having come right from across town and discovered the workplace shut, lights out and locked. No reaction or defense on the voice message. Can’t help thinking about for what reason could they simply not send an email or call me to reschedule??? I really viewed as going to his street number at 6833 East ACOMA Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85254 to by and by call him out as ask him what the hell is going on. Obviously, at that point Izzy previously had my retainer (I got a markdown when I paid his mentioned charges forthright and in real money) and had no chance or hope or optimism left of getting my installment back.

Correspondence with him and his staff was somewhere close to troublesome and unthinkable. I needed to keep pestering to call for refreshes. I never realized what was happening with my case except if I Inquired and kept calling or chasing them. At the point when I would at long last converse with them for an update, it was NEVER uplifting news. They would say “fourteen days prior when we talked with the other insurance agency (yakkity yak) occurred” and I was totally uninformed that he’d addressed them by any stretch of the imagination, for sure was going on.

Remember, Izzy is staggeringly simple to work with… … from the start… . He was responsive and extremely decent, and that is the trick not too far off.

He merrily took my underlying startup expenses and afterward went right to stay in bed taking care of my case, passing over cutoff times. I was left to accomplish practically everything and follow-up addressing myself. I felt that I had all the proof on the planet in support of myself yet Izzy just continued empowering and surprisingly compromising me to sign to settle and excuse. When the bills begin coming at you and you raise the subject of expenses and hours, that is the place where his phony generosity rapidly disappears and his actual cash hungry disposition becomes obvious. Didn’t do what’s necessary due steadiness or any other sort of exertion whatsoever for my situation, and took my cash for a guard was that was dull and disappointing.

He is a beguiling con artist to get you to join and that is the place where it closes. Izzy Didn’t play out the administrations he was recruited for and obviously Would not give a discount.

Izzy Yetnikoff is a very basic level sluggish numb-skull who does what’s Simplest and Generally Beneficial for him, NOT what’s BEST for you or your case. In the event that you don’t do What he says, your continually being taken steps to be dropped as a customer. By then you have effectively paid this load of expenses and have no choice for any discounts. You are at Izzy’s kindness, and can fail to address it, and it is incredibly exasperating! Absolute misuse of my time and my well deserved cash!

Try not to dismiss what I’m advising you here; you will be grieved.

The psycopath cum sociopath ,  typically harbors a lot of shady and corrupt secrets , more than you can ever imagine or envision.  It’s the kind of deceit that must be posessed and acquired solely because of weakness and business inadequacy. He presumably drives a lifted pickup truck to attempt to compensate for it.

At the point when IZZY committed errors with filings on MY CASE, he was typically self-satisfied declining to let it out. My dad used to fill in as a repairman and I guarantee you on the off chance that he didn’t fix something he was paid to fix, he didn’t get paid. Izzy simply extracts cash from you anyway he can and legitimizes everything with BS pardons or doesn’t answer by any means.

I at first gave a valiant effort to be aware to determine the inadequacy for my situation with Izzy in an expert way, however he wouldn’t react to calls and I became ill of leaving messages. I’m not difficult to coexist with, and attempted to suck it up to set aside cash yet I was unable to do that with this disordered, pompous clumsy.

Eventually, I needed to recruit and pay another lawyer who worked decently proficiently and figured out how to settle up my matter in around 1/4 of the time.

I would reexamine, and run from awkward, haughty Izzy Yetnikoff and his disarranged debacle of a law practice.

I will be reporting Izzy to the BBB, Channel 3, The Rip Off Report, ABC15’s “Let Joe Know,” The Phoenix New Times, CBS 5 Investigates, and any other organizations I can think of. I’m prepared to spot forward an exertion to secure other blameless persevering gentiles. I’m not in the situation to pay hard-brought in cash for ineptitude and for the Close to ZERO Izzy and his bad office accomplished for me, and might want to caution others to remain away. Supreme ghastly experience.

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