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Jack's Pools & Spas Review

I don’t know where to begin; the situation was so horrible overall…first of all I am a single mother of two children and all I wanted to do was successfully open my pool. I’d never done it on my own before and because I didn’t know what I was doing I was afraid I’d break something. My children have been through so much lately and my family has had the worst year. The pool is a place where no matter what was going on in our lives we always had fun. I called Jacks because that’s where we got the pool. Everybody I spoke to on the phone was extremely polite and helpful. I got everything up and running, the one thing I was struggling with was the vacuum. I went to the store because they were too booked to send anybody out for a service call to assist me. Again, everybody in the store tried to be very helpful, but I became frustrated because I couldn’t articulate what the problem was. | I was on my way to the counter with a girl who was going to draw me a schematic when Jack came out. He immediately began talking over me, talking loudly, basically displaying bully behavior which only got me more upset because I don’t deal well with men who become aggressive towards women. My male friend who came with me recognized the situation was escalating and stepped in to tell everybody to calm down. Jack just wanted to argue and refused to just walk away, let us get our water tested, and leave. I had already turned my back and gone to the counter with the girl who was helping me while Jack continued to be loud, make derogatory comments towards me as a female, and just perpetuate the argument my friend was trying to end. When my friend finally got upset, Jack told him to leave, pushing his body up against my friend until he was all the way to the front door. My friend is a pro fighter, he wasn’t about to push or hit an old man so he just took his abuse because he didn’t want the situation worse for me. After my friend left I was going to leave and Jack tried to pursue the argument with me. Absolutely unbelievable. As a business owner you need to know how to deal with upset Customers, and how to diffuse a situation instead of escalating it. Jack is basically an old school bully who obviously believes women are second class citizens. I went to Leslie’s pools in Mentor and guess what: my pool is now up and running!

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