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Report Filed: Jackson Neil Us live delivery service Spokane Washington Was suppose to ship a Yorkie to my address for and price called said it went through check. But neede Id an special crate that was going to be 500. To rent as well as insurance for 400. Her name was Cynthia and Jacob days Internet!!

Jackson Neil Us live delivery service Spokane Washington509-420-8590 I found and Yorkie on and site . Thought it was good we talked back and forth for a few days.we excited to get jessd so we went to western union wired 450 to jacksonn Neal North Carolina. 28201. Was suppose to be over the pet service . Which is us live delivery service #509-420-8590. After an hour or so we received an email stating that the puppy was on hold because of crate needed and more advance one. Plus insurance witch totaled 900. More. I called and spoke with them I told them it was his business and his responsibility to supply that the man was awful and I was worried about puppy. He said he called lady to come and get puppy cannot get in touch with lady nor business .contacted police mad report he told officer I would get a refund who knows this was awful I was devastated about a puppy that may not have ever been there .Sharon kilgore My code for the puppy wasjr25000cr

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