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I had called Jaguar Containers and ordered two. This was in Nov. 2016. because of Thanksgiving and rain it took a little longer to receive the container. They were not delivered at the same time. All containers and shipping costs had been paid by me. That is the only way these shipping container companies work. They received the money and when it came time to ship Bianca Dunlap started to tell me how I was going to have to pay the shipping cost again if there was something wrong with the container even though they guarantee that it was water and air tight. Finally, after a few weeks I received my container. However, when I tried to set up the delivery for the second container (paid for) they have dissappeared. No communication on the phone or internet. They ripped us off for over $2700.00. What do you have to say to that William Coit. We have spoken to you too and you are a thief. Why won’t you answer? Are you already in jail? You owe me my money back!

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  1. Marcelene Dykhouse
    June 16, 2020

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