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James Mitchell of Turnkey Equity LLC Review

I had put a add on Craigslist for help from a private investor to help me save my home. My son has me locked out of my home and after three months out living in a damestic Violence shelter. I was able to go back home to a shell of a home. It looked blk like a crack house. So I got a response from a man named Juan his number is (623) 755-0086. Juan called me repeatedly and I had to tell him to back off. As the date approached that I had to get this financing done or lose my home, Juan referred me to James Mitchell. James meations his Busines is called Shore Investments. He deals with me over the phone, He is a very busy investor and was on Las Vegas when we started talking and getting the ball rolling. He tells me no problem. He will purchase my home back from the people I was Leasing it from with the two year buy back option. He states he will lease me my home back just like the previous company did for 850. A month with A two year (24 month) buy back option. He tells me the interest rate to buy back my property will be 19% interest which is outrageous but with my credit being shot and my son stealing everything out of my home I had no choice but to sign a new lease and do a newbie Buy-Back contract or I wouldn’t have even been able to to a walkthrough to get what was left of mine out of my home. | James sends me a assignment agreement with states that I’m running the home from him for 850 a month to two year by lease with Buy-Back option. And also a three-page contract that’s it states me his buyer and him as the buyer of my home it does 50/50 contract on it and to the owners of the that are holding the lease at the time I signed them electronically if this house isn’t done in escrow by the 15th of May they would be charging him $3,000 more than the $183,100 that he was purchasing it for. He mentions that he was all set they were closing on the 15th as planned and it’s a done deal I would start paying rent on the 1st of June $850 a month. | He scheduled a walk through for a Monday May 14th I believe it is at 3:30 in the afternoon he even calls and confirms the appointment that morning and I said I was home waiting for him and I was on the afternoon about 12:30 I want to say he sends me a message saying he has an emergency in Tucson and would not be able to do the walk-through but the house is a done deal they were closing on it the next day and he was the owner he just wanted to do the walk-through to see the property that he bought so in case I default by not paying rent he would know what kind of damage I did to the home. So then come to find out the home didn’t close until the 16th some kind of more signatures were needed on the contract and it did close on the 16th though even though the contract says it was through the 15th so I don’t know how he was able to do that without me signing a new contract with the new date on it however he did it I guess the Pioneer Title Agency one Casey Baker was the person that was holding the escrow to title and it was all find over come to find out the very next day on the 17th of May James Mitchell sells my home to a Smart Home company that buys homes remodels them and rinse them the way that I find this out is because on Friday afternoon the day after they purchased the home for a hundred and eighty thousand so that means that James made a $40,000 profit in one day comes and knocks on my door knock knock knock. I open the door the man’s name is Ivan Mendoza with smart home he informs me that he is the new owner of my home and he just wanted to himself and that I would have to be out of the home June 19th because he plans on remodeling my home and renting it. | I am flipping out I haven’t received one time for my home I haven’t received any kind of noticed I have a contract stating that I’m leasing the home for the next 24 months at $850 a month and at which time I could buy my home back planning on having my credit straightened out and being able to qualify for a regular financial institute to carry a loan at a 6% interest rate versus 19%. I’m so upset I am freaking out I did so much work to get back in the home after my son destroyed it with unreasonable time frames the owners of the home we’re making giving me a time frame that was just impossible even the domestic violence shelter I was staying in the director there he tells me there’s no way you can do this everybody’s telling me there’s no way no way I didn’t I got the house in order I found the private financing pass the inspections that the owners did on it and I saved my animals and got them out of the shelter where they were living all to have this man sell my house from under me .now when I contact him about the sale of my house he tells me no he didn’t he reassigned it just like it says in the contract he said Same deal I’m still running for 850 a month with the Buy-Back option. I said know this man is telling me I have to be out of my home by June 19th. | I’m devastated I try to call James and he has sent it straight to voicemail I’m in a meeting I will call you back he text me I’m in a meeting I said he says I lost my home he now owns the deed and there’s nothing I could do about it that it wasn’t my home in the first place and James is said no it’s all in writing I will get it straightened out mean well the owners text me telling me the name of the company the name of the title company that I have to be out on the 19th I had with James or Shore Investments. so now I’m sending him James and phone number I’m sending James Ivan’s phone number James text me back and said I just talked to Ivan and he understands now and he said he will work it out. Ivan’s way of working it out was by telling me if I wanted to rent the house from him I could maybe we just have to do a new contract but in no way shape and form do I have a buyback agreement my house two and a half years ago was estimated worth $220,000 and these people stole my home for me. All I have left. | I have been through so much tragedy first the hospital dropped my mom in 2015 and killed her okay broke her hip and she died slowly. I had to take care of her and watch her die for 6 months then I have some other problems relationship problems and then my son does a restraining order on me kicks me out of my home the judges are all bias on my behalf and it takes me three months where he gets rid of everything I own turns it into a crack house the doors and kicked in the air conditioners blown up my parents ashes are gone my mom’s jewelry is gone and all my per purchase no property gone. I worked my butt off taking the bus spending 6 hours a day traveling back and forth between the domestic violence shelter and my home going to court twice a week for this restraining order violation of restraining order and another case I have pending and I worked hard I brought my cat home from a shelter he was in that he was dying and not eating or drinking food 6 days he was there and he didn’t eat or drink .I brought him home on the bus a cat on a bus. | I have been working relentlessly to get back into the home and get it up to the condition that it was in prior to my son destroying everything and then I finally make it to the Finish Line. I’ve got the financing done I’ve got everything in place just to have this thief come in and steal my home. Now I mention Ivan Mendoza of Smart Home Realty the one that says he is the homeowner now he owns the deed and there’s nothing I can do about it because I feel like him and James are playing tag team on me trying to just appease me while they still my home from me. I mention the title company Pioneer because I don’t understand how they could let a house be sold when the contract says 50/50 and it says I am one of the buyers sell it without me signing an agreement to have it be sold. I think they’re all together. I think they’re all doing fraud on me and I will not allow my home to be taken from me. I will hang myself from the rafters if I have to lose my home I’ve had enough taken and and I’ve suffered enough.

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