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I arrived at the Jameson Inn in Monroe, NC with my fiancée and a service animal on 10/5 around 4:30pm to check in but I was not told that the room was not ready until I filled out the paperwork to register and my fiancée asked Teresa, the front desk person, when the room would be ready. Teresa became rude and disrespectful, saying our money was no good here, and that she didn’t want out money. We asked what she meant by that. She just stated t that she was going to give us a refund because we don’t have the right to question her. I asked to speak to the Manager, and Teresa responded “No you can talk to her because she is checking on the rooms. I asked if she could call her so that I could speak with her because Teresa was being very disrespectful. It was at that time, Melissa the Manager drove up and my fiancé and myself started to explain how rude and disrespectful Teresa was to me and my fiancée. Instead of Teresa staying inside the building she came outside told Melissa that we don’t need their money let them go. I turned around and asked Teresa to go inside. She stated that she was not going to go inside and I don’t have the right to speak to her. It was at this time that my fiancé started crying she suffers from depression and anxiety and this situation was making it worse. | Teresa continued to rant on and on and Melissa the Manager told Teresa to stop speaking and go inside. We finished explaining what happen to Melissa. She told us to give her a second while she went inside. When she came back she gave us the room keys. We were finally given room 224. | The next morning 10/6 I noticed bite marks, like bed bugs bites, on my arm and back. As I was laying down my fiancé said Ariel you have a bug on you. She picked it up with a paper towel. I looked at the bug and immediately checked under the mattress and found signs of bed bugs. We went to the front desk and told Melissa about the bed bugs and the bite marks and that we had the bug in a paper towel. You would think that she would apologize but no she didn’t she changed our room to 111. We place our things in the room and went to the mall. We got back to the room around 8 or 9 pm. Just when we thought that we were going to get some sleep we found out that this room was full of roaches crawling everywhere in the room, even in the bathroom one even fell in our bed. I called the office to let them know that there was roaches in the room. The lady at the desk said that there was nothing she could be because they were all booked up. I went to Walmart to get dome roach spray to see if it would help and it made it worse. | Because of the roaches, and the fact that my fiancé is terrified of them we wound up sleeping in our car I told the girl at the desk that we would be sleeping in our car in front of the office and asked for a refund. She advised me to come in around 6am the next morning to speak with manager Rebecca. The next morning, we went to the front desk and spoke to Rebecca. I explained to her what happen there was even a note from the person who worked that night, and asked her for a refund. She said that she was too busy to deal with me and that I would have to wait until she was finished and that I if I was not going to keep the room that I needed to get my stuff OUT. After shaking off all my clothes and checking to make sure there were no roaches on my things we loaded the car up and went back to the office to check out. When we walked in Rebecca said in a snooty tone that took a long time where you in the room the whole time. I told her that I had to shake off my clothes to make sure I didn’t bring any roaches home. She then said in front of everyone well even if I give you a refund you not going to see it until Monday so if you trying to use that money to get another hotel you not going to be able to. I stated to Rebecca that she had no right to say that to me and I didn’t not appreciate her being rude to me. She offered a 50% discount off of 1 night 10/7. | This was the worse hotel experience I have ever had. I am Gay African American female and a Myrtle Beach resident that was effected by Hurricane Matthew and had no choice but to stay at this hotel because all the other ones were booked. The racist and discriminatory comments that were said my fiancé and myself were degrading, inappropriate, embarrassing, and just down right rude. There should be no reason should be told that “Your money is no good here”. This this is the type of people that you all hire to represent you company then this is not a company this till never have to worry about any business for myself out any of my family. | Federal law stated that you cannot discriminate against someone’s race, sex, age, gender, religion, sexual preference, or handicap. I had to spend 400.00 on an extended stay hotel even though I had to leave on Monday I basically lost money due to the carelessness of the worker at this hotel the treatment and condition of the Jameson Inn is unbelievable. . I would like to speak to someone about this ASAP

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