Jan & Kash Lann , Sanjay & Kashish Samrani

Jan & Kash Lann , Sanjay & Kashish Samrani Review

He is all over craigslist Gumtree backpage . He is easy to track , Always Using i.mgur.com and weak Photoshop skills . Says will do bank Wire ONLY wants bitcoin . Will book business class flights , Etc .. Changes Emails and Phone Numbers , Will send Photoshop Tickets for you . Will send fake passport scans . His spelling is off a lot ,English is not his 1st Lang or even mastered. He sells Singapore Airlines Krisflyer miles . Rare Bank Notes , High demand Sporting events and or Music Tickets , Emirates Skywards points , United Mils , Asia miles , Cathay Pacific ,OneWorld member airlines , Takashimaya vouchers , Taka + Tangs vouchers www.phing.com Gumtree.com Backpage.com www.gumtree.sg www.shoppok.com Google any of these emails . 100s of adds will pop u ! and even more emails . [email& 160;protected] [email& 160;protected] [email& 160;protected] [email& 160;protected] [email& 160;protected] Jan & Kash Lann Whatsapp: +65-93705461 (347) 741-8250 [email& 160;protected] | They will also show you a fake passport etc. to prove their identity. Traveling overseas? Need airline miles for that honeymoon trip to the Maldives? Save $$$ by using my airline miles. Stop paying an arm and a leg for that business or first class ticket. Wife and I are Singaporean flying extensively and professionally to (mainly) Europe and the U.S. For sale are my wife’s and my Singapore Airlines miles Selling my entire Krisflyer points. 488k miles available. For economy, business and first (or suites class) ticket redemption. Asking price is $10 for every 1000 miles. This is my lowest rate unless you need multiple tickets in which case I might adjust and reduce a bit more further. To buy and book, please email me: [email& 160;protected] Selling my entire Asia miles (for Cathay Pacific and other OneWorld member airlines). 558k miles available. Asking price is USD 10 (about HKD 78) for every 1000 miles. To buy, please email me: [email& 160;protected] Takashimaya vouchers worth $50 each for sale. http://i.imgur.com/fQ9f7x1.jpg | My wife also has 3 Capita vouchers worth $10 each. All three will expire on 10 August this year. Will include them at no extra cost. The Taka vouchers have no expiry date. Asking price is 70% of voucher value. If interested, please email me: [email& 160;protected] http://www.gumtree.sg [email& 160;protected] Miles can be used to book economy, business or first class tickets. To calculate the miles you will need, go to United’s website and search for the flight you need. Make sure to select “Award Travel” before clicking on the yellow search button. When you see the result, miles shown are one-way. | Obviously if you need a round trip ticket you will need twice the miles shown. Miles are for sale for 0.007 (just slightly less than a cent) for every mile. That’s $7 for every 1000 miles or $70 for 10K miles and $700 for 100K miles. Available miles for sale: http://i.imgur.com/l93LFI0.png For payment I accept bitcoin only. To buy, email me: [email& 160;protected] Taka + Tangs vouchers 16 Takashimaya vouchers worth $50 each for sale. My wife and I moved to the U.S. earlier this year. Before leaving Singapore we forgot to redeem these Takashimaya vouchers. They are useless here in the U.S. as no stores here accept them

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