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I got a call the other day from a girl I dated for 2 years. We remained friends and being that I am New Jersey’s most honest auto repair man, she still lets me work on her cars and her family car’s as well. When she called she told me that her car broke down aproximately 10 miles from her house going to work. Supposedly the transmission had been slipping a little and that morning when she was driving to work , she heard a lot of grinding noises and then sputtering as well so in a panic she pulled over and then the car died as she was pulling over. She said she wanted to call me but at the last second just googled transmission repair because she was a little embarrassed about this happening to her. | I am anal about making sure all my clients notify me asap when they are having problems with their car. Apparently she had been having problems for the last 2 weeks, and she said she wanted to contact me but had been busy helping her sister who just had a baby. So she saw this ad for $1349.00 complete transmission repair. When she called she said the guy who was on the phone and was extremely nice and hepful, she said a little to much, but talked her into letting his repair shop come and get her car with a tow truck and the tow was FREE. Boy this sounds to good to be true. So they came and got the car , she gave them the keys and when she asked for official paperwork the driver said the ” the boss ” will email it later. | She took a cab to work and later that day when she called the number back the man … his name was JAMES, said ” don’t worry honey , his top mechanic was under the hood and he would call her back tomorrow with the good news”. He called her at work the next day with….OH YEAH …the good …or you got it…..THE BAD NEWS…..the repair job was going to be $ 2486.00 and since he was a nice guy he would help with the tax. She told him that was just way too much for a 2003 Honda Accord and she would be picking up her car to take it to you know who Mike the Honest Repairman. Well he did get nasty and told her the free tow bill would be $395.00. She called me immediately , crying , and when I asked her did she sigh anything ? she said ” NO “. Well I heard enough. I called MR RIP OFF TRANSMISSION REPAIR MAN and he was getting wise me but gave me the address to Precision Auto Repair in Woodbridge NJ. | I went down and after the guy at the counter realized who I was he gave me the car back and siad he was sorry for any inconveniences. So the fix the internet CON MAN’s autos. From what I can make out of this , this ThIEF has been operating for some time in advertising for high priced repair jobs abd doing a bait and switch to unsuspecting people. This guy is a piece of garbage. He does it here in NJ as well as in Philadelphia. I found the same ad there. That number is 267 – 434 – 1364 . When I called the number it was him. And the nice people up in Connecticutt should watch out because when I went looking for more RIP OFF ads I found one there as well with a CT number. That number is 203 – 290 – 1917. When I called that number the next morning …you guessed it and it was this lowlife. THey should put guys like this in jail. If you come across his ad do your self a favor and go to a mechanic you know.

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  1. Gay Knolton
    June 16, 2020

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