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JaxScape Lawn and Landscape Review

I hired this company which goes by several names (JaxScape Lawn & Landscape, JaxScape Lawn Care, Jax Lawn,) (Jax 1 lawn care is how it comes on google search) the owners name is Scott (don’t know his last name) | He came out (sept 10) and we talk for over an hour in detail on what I wanted and what I could expect from his company. He told me that they will cut, weed whack, weed eat, edge, blow out( the Islands, driveway, screen enclosure, walkway, street and a little fenced in area) trim hedges, blow leaves off my roof (once a month), replant border grass where and when needed, put some stuff down to take care of the ants, and lay groundcover. prune smaller trees and clean up the mess for $75.00 a week. He said they needed 2 weeks up front which I paid in cash. | They came on a Friday (Sept 14th) I gave him an extra $40 in cash to rent a timer for the ground cover, that he was to come back on Monday to lay it down and trim hedges as well (he never came). | He called after I sent a mesage to his Assistant Tami asking why the ground cover was not done or the hedges? He stated it was to hot to lay the ground cover and they forgot the ladder. | He came back the next Friday (Sept 21st) they only cut the sides of my hedges and took hedges down on my neighbors side all the way to the fence( which shouldn’t have been done) We also discussed before he started that I wanted the border grass in the back of the yard to remain. Now in 2 big spots it is completely gone, I asked him about it when I returned he said it’s his fault he didn’t even think about it. They didn’t trim the top of the hedges again because they needed a ladder and they didn’t bring one. They said they be back on Monday with the ladder (they never showed) | They returned Friday Sept 28th they showed up with a ladder to do the tops of the hedges which were suposed to rounded out. They rounded my side but not the side that faces the neighbors. They did not clear the leaves from the roof (as I had been told for 3 weeks now) They were at my house roughly here 35mins again said they would return Monday (Oct 1) to do more work on the yard. | That Monday it rained (I understand that he can’t control the rain) On Tuesday, I was made aware of the mess that was left in my neighbor’s yard ( when they trimmed the hedges even though they didn’t trim the top that faces my neighbors yard pieces fell into my neighbors yard) the Friday before. (6 huge bags full were on my neighbors lawn, which after paying them I had to clean up) | I text his Assistant Tami Hans to let her know this was unacceptable for $75.00 a week. I am not getting anything I was promised for $75 aweek, told her if her and the comapny couldn’t do better than I could just go somehwere else. | She said they would refund me the $40 for the rental, but when people start yelling they just walk away cause its not that serious, they have other customers. I said well this needs to be fix, I have already paid for this service to be done or refund me from the previous week. | She said No. I said that I would be contacting different media social groups, BBB (although I now see they are not a part of the BBB) and the IRS. She started firing back some very unprofessional texts. | I asked when I can expect my refund and she said I am now on the back burner, she will not give me a time because people who yell (which I did not, seeing this was all through text) and make empty threats with IRS, get put on the back burner. | I actually didn’t have much info on the company itself, so goggled the company, I called the number to make sure I had the right company. The owner Scott picked up, I asked him what was going on he said I was being a b***h (with a few other choice words) and would not be getting any money back. | I have pictures of my yard and of text messages sent back and forth. This company is very unprofessional they promise that you wont have to worry about anything, take your money and leave you with a mess. Also its not a threat if you actually do it, which I have.

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