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I bought a Subaru engine from jdm. The engine was from Japan and had no egr value. The head needed drilled for the egr value. I paid jdm an extra 80 dollars to drill this hole. After the engine was installed it leaked from the drilled hole. After sending many pictures and videos to jdm they told me it was a hose. This process took two weeks of back and forth emails. I decided to purchase a remanufactured head. Once the old head was off, it was confirmed they drilled into the head to far. I spent 1,060 dollars on the engine and drilled and shipping, another 980 dollars to have it installed. I purchased the remanufactured head for 380 dollars and over 800 dollars to have the head replaced. They want the old head shipped back at my cost and then maybe they will reimburse me for the head. They will cover no labor even though there shop is directly responsible for the situation. I had my lawyer send them a letter and when I talked to the man I bought the engine from, he told me they probably through the letter away. So I’m out over a thousand dollars for having jdm drill a hole incorrectly.

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  1. Nicole Wolsted
    June 16, 2020

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