Hello, This is a long story, so I will keep it short. I decided to business with “supposedly” a great contractor and company Master’s Construction – owner Jeff J Masters. This has been a very traumatic and incredibly bothersome situation for me and my family over the past few years, that’s right… years. Getting our “dream house” should have been the most happy and exciting time of our lives! But, unfortunately, it was not. Master’s Construction did some extremely horrible work on our brand-new house in the Mammoth area and when me or my wife tried to get these bad people to fix the mistakes, multiple mistakes, Jeff Masters and his wife Debbie decided to spread lies about me and my wife around our community. From the time they finished our “dream house” and as time went on, we noticed defects in construction and materials. Just wanting our house to fixed and remedied, we called Masters Construction for assistance. In the beginning, Jeff was more than accommodating, trying his hardest to fix the major defects in construction of our new home. Roughly one year in our new home, we suffered: major roof leaks, overloaded circuit breakers, 1 leaking gas pipe. All of this together caused a fire. Because of the damages during a specific storm, we lost most of our personal belongings because of the shoddy work and the negligence to act quick to fix what they screwed up as we all saw this coming. Instead of trying to make things right by fixing our home and being honest, Jeff and Debbie Masters could not deal with the embarrassment of having such a disaster on their hands in our community, a community where they seem to put Jeff on a pedestal because he is known as one of the richest people in Mammoth. Because Jeff and Debbie Masters were not happy we reported Masters Construction to the BBB and Contractors Licensing board for failure to fix our home before major disaster hit, they began to spread horrible rumors about me and my wife through their friends and church members. We had an attorney contact Masters Construction for demand in service or reimbursement. Shortly after our attorney contacted Master’s Construction, Jeff Masters decided to pay people to harass me and my wife. These people sent investigators to my home and our places of work with video cameras saying they were collecting evidence. All the sudden we seemed to have a group of 6 different people following me and my wife around town to intimidate us, forcing us to stop with legal action against Masters Construction. Over the course of 3 years we have been threatened, stalked and embarrassed. They have had people calling our place of business and posting negative stuff about us on-line. We just want to live a quiet life. We learned Jeff and Debbie were using their religious organization to help harass me and my wife. I had no clue Mammoth was a heavy populated Jehovah’s Witness area. Before these events, it didn’t matter. Until it was so bad that people were watching us everywhere we went. We feel completely unsafe in Mammoth. Now we have left the mountain and moved on. I write this as a warning to anyone thinking of buying or doing business with Masters Construction or Jeffery Masters; DON’T DO IT! Stay away!!! I lost over $500,000 from these horrible people.

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