Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics

Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics Review

I bought three pieces of jewelry from them, two bracelets and one anklet at a cost of over 1200.00. When I needed a repair I was required to send them to Nevada with check to be repaired. | The gold was rubbed off (fake color I guess), the magnets were discolored, and one bracelet had a broken clasp. | When I finally recieved them (6 weeks later) , I was incredulous that they were untouched! They even sent back the post its I originally had attached to them indivually for what was wrong with them. Do they have no quality control? what a ripoff! What a joke! | I am so angry and disappointed. | There answer to my anger and disappointment is send them to us again (we will send you a postage paid sticker) and we promise to fix them… | Why would I want them to touch them again when they did nothing the first time? Why are these people allowed to do business this way? | I asked for my money back and they refused.

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