Jeremy Milford McDonald

Jeremy Milford McDonald Review

I am in the computer repair business , I was nice enough to give Mr Jeremy Milford McDonald a FREE lead the other day , it was a customer of mine who’s computer I was not going to be able to fix because I was not able to physically make it there myself. I offered to pay Milford 33% of the total price the customer pays me , and I later changed it to 50% of the price the customer pays me. Jeremy Milford is a convicted criminal , he led me to believe he would ” treat my customer as well as he would treat his own”. What he does instead , is have my customer wait 2 days before he finally makes it out to him , and then to make it worse , when he finally arrives at my customers place , he only spends 30 minutes looking at the problem , and then leaves , BUT , not before breaking his agreement with me , and telling the customer that he needs to pay $150 directly to him. $75 was suppose to be for him , and $75 for me . He now doesn’t answer my calls , and only answered my text once to basically say ” I’m stealing from you , have a nice day ” . Jeremy Milford McDonald Is a LOW LIFE RAT, he is a criminal ,…do not let him in your house do not let him touch your computers or your things.

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