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I hired Jerry’s Rod and Custom ( Jerry Vandenburg ) to do Custom fabrication on my 1938 Dodge coup. Tub the rear and add air bags all around and I was adding exhust cut outs. I asked him when he could start and the price, He said right away and the price would be $75.00 per hour. I agreed and expected to sign a contract. a week or ten days went by I dropped by to see my car at his house (Shop) several times They had taken the rear off and cut the holes for the tubs. I talked to the guy that had been working on my car on and off and working on 2-3 other cars at the same time. He said he had to get in a few more hours on my car so Jerry could bill me. I knew jerry had some time on my car also taking measurements and drawings for the new rear I was ordering from someone else. | I went to Jerry’s upholstery shop to see how much I owed him. | I didn’t have a contract, but my car only had 1/2 frame and was trapped. I Asked Jerry if I could get a discount for cash? and he said Yes. I said how much do I owe you? and he said $2500,00 I went to the bank came back and paid him. With no contract and no invoice I thought we were good. He told me to order my new wheels and tires so they could measure for the tubs and axel legnth. It took 2 weeks to get the wheels and tires, the wheels had to be made. The car sat for that time. again I was their watching. once the wheels and tires arrived by me, they could take measurements for the frame and rear end. The rear was to take only 2 weeks to get done So I wanted the tubs ready when the rear arrived. I checked to see if it was getting done,and nothing was done. I asked Jerry if he heard anything and he said no. Another week went by I went in “no tubs” | Finally I got the phone from Jerry and called myself. They told me it had been done for 2 weeks and sitting at his shop,but Jerry said he was going to be out of town so don’t send it yet. By this time I had been wait for the rear for almost a month and the car just sat on the lift. A few days later I went in around 10:00am and his rookie welder was grinding down some of the ugliest welds I’ve ever seen in my 62 years I had to go to the next town and had to pass bye again around 11:30 and he was gone. I had been their 2 days before and nothing was done. I got a notice my rear was shipped Tuesday and would arrive Wendsday. I showed up Wendsday morning to see it and Jerry was there. I said to him ” I don’t think this should take more than a week to put this in, The rear was $5000.00 more then you said and I only have $4000.00 cash left. We agreed on $10,000 budget. He said ” well you owe me almost that now” I said “What, the car has been sitting here on this lift for a month and the only thing that has been done is these ugly tubs. He said “We arn”t going to start on this until Monday” and he left. Tony and I tried the frame and about 4 more inches had to be cut off. Tony said their was nothing else could be done without Jerry and I left. I was still so excited for Monday,but I wanted to paint some of the parts the next day. I live about 25 minutes away. I left my house around 9:10am | I got there around 9:30 -9:35 Tony was there under my car and I was supprised, Jerry was gone. I said I thought We wern’t going to work on this until Monday. I started painting my parts. | I met up with Jerry the next day with Jerry and He handed me a bill for $3,537.50 7+ hours for the tubsand $450.00 to cut out 4″ off the frame on each side. Needless to say I was HOT !! I told him I was comming to get my car the next day. He said the shop would be locked down and I couldn’t get my car. I left, went to the bank ,got his cash. | I showed up with the cops at 7:00am and he wouldn’t let me get my car off his lift. We vagreed he hed until the next Saturday to make my car a roller, so I could get it out. Friday morning I called him so I could get cash and get my car. I asked him if I needed to bring the cops again? and he said no. He said I owed him $1500.00 more. I showed up with the cash and a tow truck, I told him to sign the invoice Paid in full. He said he woulden’t unless “I signed a statment saying all the hours were correct and I was Happy” I had to call the cops again to get my car.

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