I had a move come up on very short notice, after calling around I thought I found a good company and a good price. I was quoted 2 to 3 hours and 2 guys and everything was agreed on. | Come moving day the time got pushed back, whatever. Pushed back again, getting nervous. They finally arrive and what do I get? 3 guys. By now it’s too late in the morning they even give excuses why there late and to explain this I had to find them and show them the way back being the Owner Sr. Mr. Jesses had so much excuses that he was late because of traffic and then got lost and then another one was didn’t notice the distance when I told them upfront and there wasn’t any issues. Reluctantly I agree and figure it will at least help it get done in a reasonable time. If I knew that the truck they were driving up on and barely driveable and afterward it died in the complex and had to give them a jump what a joke. The first 15 minutes of so was looking great, 1 guy busting his a*s and the others were extremly late and no discount for any of this. And let me tell you the Owner claims to be Christian I say to anyone claiming be very careful on how you say that God always hears all. 2 guys working decent after arriving late finally everything was going plan but because excsues from owner my wife and I wasted all day with this when I told this person ahead of time to be there by 9am not 11am as starting not finishing 2 1/2 laters and refusing and discount for all the tardiness and issues. | Well, maybe if they did not decide to do 20mph under the speed limit the whole way there because of truck issues and so late they wouln’t taken so long and then having to pay storage when he said was going to give a break later changes mind. In the end this cost me about $650.00 more than what was quoted over the phone. And the results? Dinning Table damaged, refrigerator damaged, and after all this they refuse to fix any thing or resolved this I paid cash this is why they asked for cash to take care of them and there helper but forgetting the resuls of customer complaints. Don’t hire this company there located in Houston, Texas near Fm 1960 West. Don’t go through what I have gone through on this after moving to your home no customer needs this so enough stress with Title company and handling of the transfer for house and your beliving the moving company is going to take care of all. Also be awere of there contract is shafty.

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