Jim Rickards: Project Prophecy

Jim Rickards: Project Prophecy Review

I had high hopes for Jim Rickards Project Prophesy when I bought the program for & 036;2000 last year. Like many investors I’m not great at making my own picks, so I trusted Jim and friends at Agora Financial to do the heavy lifting. Rickards had been featured on financial news that I trust. He speaks with an air of extreme intelligence and financial arrogance that comes from years of experience in the game, and his hair style reminds me of every painting I’ve ever seen of Ben Franklin, a look that exudes brainpower. | Thankfully, I only trusted Jim and Agora Financial on a handful of trades where I cautiously bought into option calls and puts. During that year of my subscription, roughly 1/4 of his recommendations returned positive gains. The negative gains (losses) where much more common and most of his recs expired worthless. (-100& 37;, entire loss of your trade investment). | Jim may sound smart, but his market timing is f-ing horrendous. His prophesy system must be built on outdated market signals. If we needed bad stock and options advice, we could just ask ourselves, flip a coin, or ask a toddler. Shelling out & 036;2k for membership and then enduring a slew of up-selling attempts followed by such poor performing picks has left me with my own Prophesy to share… | Run away from Jim Rickards advice and any program attached to Agora Financial. They make money off subscriptions not by following their own investment advice.

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