JNM Realty Group, LLC.

JNM Realty Group, LLC. Review

I contacted jnm realty after looking around up there in Missouri to relocate for my mother from Texas. It was not easy doing this and the toll it takes to plan something like this is profound. especially to a 70 year old woman. | I talked to Jerri on my initial call and advised her my situation and she seemed to want to overlook the credit if all else was in order. So, I talked this over with my mom and decided to go through with it. I called and got overnight instructions and sent everything overnight. Megan called the next day and the snotty voice told me immediately we had made a mistake sending money. Totally the opposite of Jerri, and too boot, we were thinking we were dealing with Jerri, but no, some punk gets on the phone. I overlook this and dont want to cause a wave so I say to her, yes we are open to either location, Ozarka or Springfield and that I want to give my mom the options so she feels in control. You could tell Megan could not stand this and says to me she will look into both properties for me and have an answer the next day. No answer the next day, or the next. Then on Friday late afternoon I have to call and she says she can not get a response back from my rental companies from the previous places I have rented and this place my mom is in the last 8 years has not either. **I contacted the offices and they never got a request from Megan.** what a liar. I told her before I got off the phone that I would send over the forms as i keep maticulous records. I did at more cost to me, and sent it over, then called her and told her that I did, she goes to Jerri, gets an approval and comes back to me and lets me know. I say to her great, then I will get my mom and her on the phone so they can work out which spot , ozarka or springfield and that she would have some questions for her on Monday. | Monday I did just that and Megan was not savvy on anything, on either location and was put out, telling my mom she would not get her deposit back, only because she asked some questions about the unit**discrimination** my mom kept telling her that she would take it , now that she sees the bully i saw on the phone last week. In the end I could tell my mom was depressed and this is the cause, an a****** on the other end of the line. I called Megan back and she says she will get me the information the next day and that call again, never came. Wednesday my mom and I both felt taken, lied to, discriminated against and I told them in an email to cease and desist on our information and this needs to have a resolution. Jerri calls my mom, hears her, the lies and says she will send her her money back, never happened, one more lie, one more bite out of a poor 70 year old woman on fixed income. | I emailed to see and Jerri says it was mailed, so far, liars, thieves, discriminatory employees and evil to the core in my first hand experience.

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