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John Beck Amazing Profits LLC Review

Hello to all out there, My name is Reid and I am writing to inform everyone about all the deceptive infomercials out there. Please don’t ever fall victim to the company or companies that are selling the John Beck free and clear real estate program. The infomercial is very deceiving in many ways. For instance, nothing is mentioned in the infomercial to the millions of unsuspecting victims about having to invest thousands of dollars into this bogus mentoring program in order to “supposedely” succeed. The infomercial preys on everyone with little or no knowledge of real estate investing and wants people to believe that all that is needed to succeed in their program is the nominal investment of $59.98+ shipping and handling. NOT TRUE!! DON’T DO IT!! In a few weeks if you are lucky enough to even receive your package through the mail (many don’t) you are instructed to call a toll free number, when you are ready to get started. The salesperson will then take down your number and have someone else return yor call. They do this so that people will think the offer is legitimate. Then the salesman will start with things like “we would like you to be our next success story” or “we want you to appear in our next infomercial” or “I wanna see your story on my desk within the next few weeks” or something to that tune. To make a very long story short, the information you receive for the thousands of dollars you invest is very insufficient and unsatisfactory. It is impossible to succeed in investing with the limited information you’ll receive for your thousands of dollars. The company does not send people a contract(s) and makes it really difficult for someone to get a refund. They very rarely answer their phones, but if by chance they do, the person that you’re interested in speaking with is either in a meeting or away from his desk (laughing his a*s of under his desk) and wont even make an attempt to return your call. Also, I want people to take notice that the very few positive things that are said about the company or the program is by former employees and or it’s affiliates. Weired huh? Once you’re in the program your “so called” coach will hopefully call you haphazardly as scheduled (just go through the motions)in hopes that your disputing rights expires. I am really angry at how these fraudulent companies are constantly allowed to prey on the unsuspecting public and take advantage of sincere people mostly only interested in making an honest living. The worst part of it is the fact that they are able to blatantly lie in order to sell their products and or sevices. The B.B.B? This service is far too after the fact. Only after thousands or even millions of people have complained about a company is when the B.B.B is of any use. In conclusion I would like to say to each and every visitor to this site that if a product or sevice is as good as the infomercial claims, it would not be necessary for these companies to make such a long and deceiving commercial glamorizing it’s product or service. Think about it, Dell, Budweiser, Sony, Dodge, Wall Mart, Circuit City along with the thousands of other legitimate companies have absolutely no use for a glamorized half hour commercial where they’re allowed to blatantly lie to move their products and services. I wholeheartedly believe that there will come a day when everyone who watches T.V. can and will automatically associate infomercials with scams. Reid Aiea, Hawaii

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