Jones Bangle Kittens

Jones Bangle Kittens Review

Found a website that look totally legit, so I sent them an email and they responded they had kittens available for sale Bengal kitten $750 delivered to my door. Asked if we could send a payment through Walmart money gram. So we did. They took the payment and receive the money then tell us the cat shipped out . We would receive it the same day . Then they gave us a website we can track it on Once we went to this website it’s stated the kid was being held up due to weather conditions. In this company said they would have to put it in a heated carrier and said we need to send them $2000 Western Union, within the next 30 minutes or it would be totally delayed. So I called their phone number and no one answered it ends up this is another bogus company I’ll be filing on this site! I then call the person back Jones bangle kittens. At this time he will now not except my phone calls. | And has totally vanished! So I blocked my phone number and of course he answered I told him I want my money refunded he said I no longer have the money! A full website that is nothing but bogus! I then went to go daddy on a who is search of who owns the website, The website was registered outside this country! Also the shipping company is totally bogus! Can’t believe a person would go through all this to scam money I’m sure I’m not the first one and won’t be the last but I’m gonna do everything in my power that they don’t scam anyone again! I’m out $750! Already filed a police report in my town the authority said they will be contacting detectives where the money was picked up at!

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