Jorge Cristobal Ballinger

Jorge Cristobal Ballinger Review

Hello , I bought a solar system back in 2016 or 2017 , I cannot remember. I purchased it from a company called Erus Energy. Two days ago , my solar system went bad. I called erus energy and explained the situation, and they explained to me that they were not the company that installed the solar. | They gave me a few leads on how to get this thing warrantied. I contracted a man named Jorge Crostibal Ballinger. When I explained my situation he yelled and cursed at me. Called me a dumb typical loser Texan that supports trump. He then proceeded to call me a cracker. | I explained to him I was just an elderly woman whom needed help with getting the solar working again. He then told me he hopes I burn in a car accident. This man is very very dangerous.

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