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Joseph A. Ryan & Associates Review

Elizabeth Lubker Esq in Ppaoli, PA is the WORST lawyer I have ever used. | IMO, ineffective, lazy, unconcerned, self-absorbed, deceptive, and puts her own self-interests ahead of her client’s, causing many delays.That was my experience. | I also don’t think she can negotiate her way out of a paper bag… possibly because there is no money in that? I don’t know. | IMO, she made alot of stupid mistakes, either out of ignorance, inexperience, self-absorption..?! | Don’t really know the reason, but I do NOT recommend that anyone else suffer the fate I did or find out the hard way, like me. I found her on the internet and was that my FIRST mistake. | Save your money and hire somebody else. SHE is definitely NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE. | ALWAYS make sure you hire a lawyer who is recommended to you. That is my advice. There is nothing like the experienc of others to set you on the right path – especially for something as important as finding a good lawyer. | Elizabeth D. Lubker is NOT a good lawyer – in my opinion.

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