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I knocked on the door several times announcing myself as a United States Census Worker. Mr. Hollander eventually answered the door in full tactical gear and what i believe to be a automatic weapon. He asked me what i was doing on his property un anounced and proceeded to aggressively encourage me to the corner of Pierce Road Hill. | At the momemt I immediately contacted the Weymouth Police Department and they came very quickly. They ordred him to put his hands in the air and walked him to the police cruiser on Glendale Street. I could not believe the amount of police that showed up at this residence. | This is clearly an extremely dangerous individual. After a brief interview with him by the Weymouth Police , he was released! I was instructed to be removed from the property and its probably in my best interest i did not return. | There was absolutely something not right about this situation and me doing my job. I wish not to even use my real name at this time. Be cautious of the neighborhood of 02188 in Weymouth , Massachusetss.

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  1. Joshua Hollander
    January 14, 2021
  2. Val
    December 25, 2020

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