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Hello: I ordered cap and gown from my school as required by my school. I pleaded with them not to use UPS as UPS has screwed up many a delivery to my apartment building in the past- they stubbornly refused. Fast-forward two or so weeks later, a very negligent UPS driver left a package on the frigging from stoop of my apartment building on the main north-south arterial in San Antonio, where FOUR major bus routes pass directly in front of, when he really shouldve and couldve just left me a package -claim notice. Apparently he was onlu interested in checking off a “delivered” box rather than maiing a sucessful delivery. | Graduation commencement came and of course, I have no gown (thanks Jostens and UPS!) or cap so instead i wore only shirt and tie- my special day was ruined forever, and other than a refund for what I paid, Jostens refuses to make any other special kind of compensation or resolution whatsoever- they blame UPS, and UPS blames Jostens. | Tired of the run-around and the token/fake apologies, please NEVER USE Jostens again! I told them, warned them, BETTER MAKE IT BETTER nad they failed miserably. Their order fulfillment is like their customer service and choice of shippers- APPALLING.

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  1. Ethelene Generous
    June 16, 2020

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