Kan Rock

Kan Rock Review

I just had a small front end repair by the best people around.They said all parts were perfect but should have a front end wheel alighmnet just to be sure. | The truck drove like charm going to KanRock. Steered perfect. I was sure it didn’t need anything but better safe than sorry. | The best places in town were all booked solid so I was forced to go to Kan Rock Tire to get an ilingment. | Alighments around here are on average $60. They wanted to charge me $120. So I politly said no thanks and was walking out, the manager stoped me and said O.K. I can now do it magicly for $60. | I picked my truck up when they were done, the steering wheel was on sideways and it pulled to the left so bad that I was in oncoming traffic with people giving me obscene gestures and honking horns. I brought it back, they had another guy drive it and he agreed it was way off and dangerous. | The desk guy was very good, he called someone who told him that I needed new parts put on it, this is after I just had it checked out by the pro’s. who told me is was perfect and needed no parts. | They were going to redo it but they admitted that they had no quaified personal to do it. | I then asked for my money back and they said theywere not qualified to give me my money back and I had to go back another day and ask. | I am now missing work becase the truck is undrivable. I did make it home ( 3 miles)once the rush hour traffic slowed. | By the time I got home I could smell rubber burning from the tires being misaligned.

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