Kanner & Pintaluga

Kanner & Pintaluga Review

I am warning you that this firm practices in several states. DO NOT USE THEM. This is not a law firm it is a boiler room. There only objective is to LOSE YOUR CASE and have you pay. And when you don’t pay they will threaten you and harass you. With all of the choices that are out there I mistakenly did not do my research and allowed someone to convince me to use this firm. Hindsight I believe she got a kickback for the referral. | The will sit on your case. You will receive a series of phone call from $10 per hour employees from a call center. You will NEVER hear from Kevin Sobel or his cohorts. After a lengthy of period of time they will try to settle your case for less than its worth. When you refuse you will be threatened. | Kevin Sobel should not be interacting with the public or practicing law in any state in the United States. Hes an under the table, lawless used car salesman that make the profession of practicing law and absolute embarrassment. STAY AWAY!

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