Kawaldeep Maan

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He rented us property that is a safe and health hazard to me and my family and fails to fix the issue. We signed the lease April 10, 2018 and moved in April 13, 2018, The first day we realized there was a leak in the master bath and we had no hot water, he finally replaced the water heater Monday, April 16 so needless to say we did not shower or bathe for three days. We have asked him numerous times when he was going to fix the leak he kept ignoring our calls and messages. Friday, April 20 we then realize why. When we take a shower or bath The water is not able to drain so it comes out of the floor under the toilet. We call and message Mr. Maan then he refuses to still fix the problem offering us our security deposit back if we want to move. The next day April 21 I have someone do an estimate on the issue with the plumbing The problem is under the slab of the house and the sewer line to the street and the master bath shower and toilet would have to be torn up to replace valve. | And since then we have tried to keep in contact with him and request or secure deposit so we can look for another home and he does not answer or respond . We put all of our money into this home to relocate with our six children. We spoke with the neighbors recently and they informed us that the house that we are in have different people in and out every month or every other month. We can not use the restroom nor shower and with two adults and six children that is impossible so feces water is releasing from both bathrooms into hall and children’s bedrooms. Please help us!!!

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