Kelley Scott Sandusky

Kelley Scott Sandusky Review

Foxie’s Fund Group members Kelley Scott Sandusky , Randy Boles which goes by the face book alias name Gilian Alggode , Wise Karin , Art Smith & Dominick Tambone CEO of the Foxie’s Fund Inc. from Norcross George , Stole my face book group Pommie Addicts , These individuals personally attack me on face book & are very bad cons, I did not want any funding posted in my face book group , but they kept insisting to allow the bogus posting asking for funds of animals that was fruadulent post . I was so pressured by the pack of theifs I left my group I created to take a break | trusting Kelley when I wante to return as admin , Kelely Scott Sandusky & others was admins would not allow myself to take back over the group , Wise Karin started posting advertising for the face book group Foxie’s Fund & she also attacked me a I had a puppy that passed away from a heart condition , Telling others I let the puppy die from heat stroke when Wise Karin did not have her facts clear on the matter, Kelley Scott Sandusky also as a group name after our Pomeranian Club in Indiana called Pomeranian Club of Central Indian which she block me from the page & personal messaged other member of the club that I roasted puppies , | Her , Gilian Algoode & Wise Karin attacks on myself & others are patheitc to cover up fraud taking place by the face book group Foxie’s Fund, I have screen shots to prove these attacks and wrongful conduct , Kelley Scott Sandusky is a register member of the AKC and her registration should be revoked for such conduct & fabricated lies , When we have meetings at the Pomeranian Club of Central Indian at 12598 Reynolds Dr. | Fishers Indian I fear for my safety with these women involved in fraud & scamming for the Foxie’s Fund Inc. from Norcross Georgia, These peole have been known to | attack others, Kelley Scott Sandusky was passing out flyers at the club meeting of a families arrest that had nothing to do with our club trying to get others to attack this man’s family, The ACK should look into her conduct for doing this , She also would never give me back my face book group Pommie Addicts where she allows Gillian Algoode real name Randy Boles post graphic dog videos of a dog trying to have sex with a stuffed animal, I fear for my life with these dangerous people they need to be locked away in jail ,Randy Boles alias Gillian Algoode needs to go back to prison where she belongs , she spent 4 years in prison and all she done is learned to be a better con person

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