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For those who do not know, remington danes was raided/busted in july 2015. The owners name according to police and pet welfare was debora rivera. | According to facebook, youtube video’s, people who have purchased puppies and dogs from remington danes, akc registration paperwork and sales contracts, puppyfind and dozens upon dozens of listing websites; kelsey thompson is the sole owner of remigton danes. She has personally told hundreds…If not thousands- of people that she owns remington danes. The only people living there was herself and her *either* boyfriend/husband. | Regardless as to what one good deed she did for aother person by taking great danes away from her sister who was running an neglectfilled kennel Another mill)- kelsey thompson lied to everyone for years thereafter by negleting, starving and abusing dozens of beautiful animals. | When remington danes was busted, there were over 60 dogs taken. Some near death and some puppies died. There was illegal drugs found and multiple people living in the home It was not a related family) | To find out more about this story, please google: remington danes puppy mill bust — pages upon pages with video included. It made all the major television station in fl. The severity of what happened could not be imagined. | It is an absolute tradgedy that kelsey thompson’s name was not listed as the owner. She can now go elsewhere an rebuild another kenel of horrors… Typical for people arrested for running puppymills. They tend to get right back into it using other aliases or registering dogs under other peoples names.

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