I have a Grab-n-go refrigerator that I purchased from Sears for 1699.99, 3.8 years later july 1st my compressor goes out, I lose 200 in food, and call for a repair for July 2nd, july the 2nd comes NOBODY showed up so I called Sears the rep never made the appt.! So I ask for a supervisor nicely and the rep argues with me and was very rude! | So I call (30 minute wait each call) the corporate number and they offer apologies and said the earliest was jul 9th! Really July 4th around the corner and the 9th!?? So I schedule with another company whom services me the 3rd and told me about kenmores defective lg motor. Come to find out I’m not the only customer with this issue and Kenmore is well aware of it! | So I reach out on Facebook and explain the hell I went through (cleaning water, losing food, moving food, bad service reps ect) and they apologize on Sears behalf and issue a 50 dollar gift card for the rude rep. A step in the right direction but still didnt attend to the fridge known defect. I told them there is and still is a lawsuit investigation on the fridges only lasting 3 years and that all I asked for was 20 percent of my repair bill paid so 140 dollars, not including the food I lost. | While I wait for a reply I try to use the gift card only available to use at Sears go figure, I sent 4 separate orders in because 3 items were out of stock! It took me 5 hours just to order something and the items that I ordered were over the 50 dollars so I used my debit to take care of the rest, all 4 are still sitting in my account until 5 business days of refunding now I’m out almost 35 bucks! | Now that I had my order Kenmore proceeds to blame me and stated I did not give them the opportunity to make it right as far as the service on my refrigerator, I told them I gave you 2 tries and you failed this is a rep error not a customer error so dont blame me and make me pay the price! So after several arguments I started to post my review of their products and services they kept deleting them! | So new customers go in the dark thinking Kenmore is what it once was but it’s clearly not! So after repeatedly posting my review they privately messaged me threatening me with a lawsuit, I’m not to aware of legality issues with Facebook so I back off, however I feel it should be illegal for a company to blind fold the public by picking and choosing what reviews stick! | In the end I have to remind myself I’ll be the winner at the end when they go bankrupt! I used to brag about their products now I’m disgusted with em!!! Buyer beware!

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