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I contacted kevin hessam in the spring of 2018. I contacted him through his website,, in the hopes of creating a fitness plan through the internet I live in utah), along with a fitness plan, utilizing the services he sells, as suggested on his site. He contacted me back a few days later and we spoke on the phone in late april. He said he would create a custom plan for me that included meal plans (8 unique meal plans) along with 16 different custom work out circut training regimens. He sent me an invoice for $2895 in the early part of may 2018. I paid with my paypal. | He followed up a week later, via phone, trying to sell me various drugs which i later discovered were illegal. I stated clearly i was not intertested in purchasing these enhancement drugs. First because i am not even at that level to where i would desire performance enhancing drugs… Secondly… I’m not at all interested in buying illegal drugs for any reason.. And beyond that — i simply wanted the guidance of a professional… And i was only looking for what i believed to be professional and helpful guidance during my fitness journey. Once i stated that i was going to pass on these drugs, Which i googled, were illegal to begin with), he stated he manufactured these drugs himself and there was nothing to worry about. | I made it clear that the only thing i wanted was a work out plan, and meal plans, and i did not want to buy these illegal enhancement drugs. This was the first week of may 2018. He told me “okay”, and that “he would be in touch with my plans by the end of may.” i have not heard back from him since. I have contacted paypal, to which they made me aware there is no chargeback protection against “services”, only “goods that are shipped”. Since i am now at a stand-still… I have decided to write yscamto make them, as well as everyone else aware of kevin hessam. | He is using his website not to push a professional fitness regimen, but to peddle illegal performance enhancing drugs. | Beyond this —– a few weeks ago, someone alerted me to his activity on a male escort online ring. I hold no judgement towards him for this, but i feel the need for him to be exposed as a complete scam in the fitness industry, and as someone who is selling illegal drugs and stealing people’s money. | All i want is a full refund for the money i paid. I have received nothing in regards to what i paid for…

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