Kings Court, llc

Kings Court, llc Review

During the time of december 2011, i moved into 313 market court in fullerton, ca. And moved out after staying at the property a little over 2 years. *My lease for only 18 months) | During my time staying here i realized that russell albright and angelica austin had lied about who paid for the business tenants electrical service connected to my condo unit. Once i found this out that i had been lied to and i was paying not only for my electric service but for their business tenant’s electric service, i confronted the couple and they pretended not to know as well as trying to put the blame on the property management company. | I have more than 60 emails which i am attaching to this so all can see that russell albright and angelica austin are making false statements against me because once i made contact with the police about the stolen electrical service and they settled by subtracting the $1,000’s of dollars they owed for stolen electrical service from rent payments. | So in order to set the record straight about me being a liar. Please read the emails

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