Kisha Ridley

Kisha Ridley Review

I gave Kisha Ridley DBA: Mighty Oak properties and AlberNeal management, a $2,500 earnest money check for a property that she was wholesaleing in Beaumont Texas. She said she had a contract on the property and that she was waiting for the owner to get back into town to finalize the sale with me. | I trusted her with the my earnest money since I had done one wholesale deal with her before. After a week of not hearing from her I called her to get a status on the sale but she kept telling me that the owner was still out of town. Days turned into months and she kept putting me off then finally stopped accepting all forms of communication with me. | I had my attorney send Ms. Ridley a demand letter, she never responded. I filed a small claims lawsuit against her and won . She didn’t even show up to court to defend herself. | This report was written to protect any real estate investor that’s interested in investing in the Beaumont or the surrounding areas including the Houston and happens to come across Kisha Ridley. Ms. Ridley offers her Beaumont wholesale deals on many investor websites like My house and many others so please be careful and don’t do business with this individual. .

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