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Found Kitchen Bath Collection on Bought a bathroom vanity with countertop based omn the images of the vanity posted on and KBC website. | The vanity they shipped me was the correct vanity, but had a hideous yellow countertop. It was not the countertop purchased or the one depicted on the website or on | KItchen Bath Collection uses BAIT & SWITCH misrepresntation. | They claimed the yellow countertop was within the “natural variations” in the travertine stone, and travertine comes in white, cream, tan and rust–so as long as they shipped any color travertine countertop I had to understand it was the “natural variation” of the stone. | However, if I returned it in the original package (how else does one get a vanity out of the crate other than cut the crate apatt?), and paid the freight back (70 kg), and shipped it insured, I could return it within 30 days. Of course, the expense to pay for a professional repacking, pay insurance, and pay 70 kg freight to ship acrosse the US is exhorbitant. | I would NEVER buy from Kithcen Bath Collection again and I will never buy from any seller on

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